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Building a Library with Meaning

By |November 30, 2020|

November Vibes When November rolls around, I find myself recalling my first visit with Frankie Laine. It was mid-November 1985, when I took a Greyhound bus from my home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to San Diego, California. A few days earlier, I had contacted Frankie by telephone to relate my [...]

Recalling the Christmas Song that Frankie Laine Almost Recorded

By |October 21, 2020|

My Best Buddy I have many friends within the Frankie Laine circle. It is no surprise that these friends are located around the United States and even in other countries. I have always yearned for a Laine pal, living in Iowa. Obviously, we could share Laine experiences, listen to Laine [...]

Laine’s High Standard: Girl Singer Project

By |September 23, 2020|

Excellence One of the remarkable aspects of being an admirer of Frankie Laine’s music is the yearning to locate other popular singers who have the same high-quality singing talents as Frankie. Since becoming a Laine fan, I have found it difficult to settle for second-best as I partake in my [...]

Magic Moments

By |August 20, 2020|

Emotional Sparks Did you ever watch a magic trick being performed flawlessly and wonder “How was that possible?” What you witnessed was a skill that was created because all of the elements and actions involved were perfectly achieved and flawlessly performed. Everything “came together” and left you mesmerized. Our senses [...]

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