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We Would Be Together Again

By |June 29, 2021|

My First Laine Interview I first met Frankie Laine in person on November 20, 1985, in San Diego. I had taken a Greyhound bus from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to San Diego, California. At one point during my day-long visit with Frankie, we went to a very special place where Frankie [...]

A New Laine Hobby

By |May 27, 2021|

A New Project Recently, my wife, Marlene, and I were talking about what I would do to keep myself occupied upon my retirement this fall. Marlene knows I want to “brush up” on my drumming skills and possibly get back into a band to play for the fun of it. [...]

Remaining in the Laine Loop

By |April 26, 2021|

Remaining in the Loop It was during the early 1980s that I became an official member of the Frankie Laine “circle.” I had joined the Frankie Laine Society of America (FLSOA). Since then, I have remained active in writing to acquired friends made through the Laine fellowship, as well as [...]

A Special Laine Memory with ‘Jack’

By |March 24, 2021|

Happy Birthday, Frankie! This month, March 30th, marks the 108th birthday of the great Frankie Laine! It was fun to help him and other fans from all over the world celebrate his past birthdays, every five years, during the Frankie Laine “Birthday Bash.” I attended his 80th, 85th, and 90th. [...]

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