a Documentary of the Legendary Singer An "American Dreamer" Slide Team Frankie Laine

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Laine’s High Standard: Girl Singer Project

By |September 23, 2020|

Excellence One of the remarkable aspects of being an admirer of Frankie Laine’s music is the yearning to locate other popular singers who have the same high-quality singing talents as Frankie. Since becoming a Laine fan, I have found it difficult to settle for second-best as I partake in my [...]

Magic Moments

By |August 20, 2020|

Emotional Sparks Did you ever watch a magic trick being performed flawlessly and wonder “How was that possible?” What you witnessed was a skill that was created because all of the elements and actions involved were perfectly achieved and flawlessly performed. Everything “came together” and left you mesmerized. Our senses [...]

Forever in Bronze, Forever in Memory

By |July 16, 2020|

In Bronze On Tuesday June 30, the bronze statue of Frankie Laine was officially dedicated in the Little Italy section of San Diego in front of Nonna—an Italian Restaurant owned by Frankie Laine’s friend Joe Busalacchi. Frankie was a longtime friend of the Busalacchi family and was known to frequent [...]

‘Westward Ho!’

By |June 23, 2020|

Enjoyment with a Message The old tales of the Wild West are fun to relive in books, movies, and on television. My wife, Marlene, and I love watching these old Western show reruns on television. The stories often contain a theme dedicated to providing a moral message. This is important [...]

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