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  • Most Special Letters

    First Letter Since first meeting with Frankie Laine on a personal level, I have been privileged to have chatted with him on several occasion—both in person and at his home as well as on the telephone—and have corresponded with him, by letters written, throughout the years. It all began when I wrote a letter to […]

  • Frankie’s Words

    Over the years during my association with Frankie Laine, I have had several talks with him. Some of these chats were official (I’ve conducted a few interview sessions with Frankie, both in person and over the telephone).  A few of our conversations were casual—either in person, or on the telephone. Many famous people of today, […]

  • Frankie Laine Is a ‘Tough Sell’

    I have always been at a loss as to why Frankie Laine has never retained the notoriety he deserves. Singers like Frank Sinatra, Nat Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Dean Martin, and, of course, Tony Bennett have become synonymous with musical history, and everybody knows them whenever their names are mentioned. My Laine colleagues agree. […]

  • Frankie Laine Bestowed a Gift

    I am turning 60 years old this month. This is a milestone for me, which initiated my pondering of important events that have occurred throughout my life. Certainly uppermost on my list was my wonderful fortune in meeting and becoming friends with the great Frankie Laine. In past blogs, I have attempted to provide readers […]

  • Remembering Frankie Laine’s Youngest Brother, Phil

    Until his death a few years ago, Frankie Laine’s youngest brother, Phil LoVecchio, was the sole survivor of the LoVecchio siblings. NOTE: I recently found it extremely ironic that there is another, younger (and as far as I know, unrelated), Phil LoVecchio, who heads up his own company in the St. Louis area. That company […]

  • Up Among the Stars

    It seems like, thus far, 2016 has been a notable year regarding losing a large number of our famed celebrities. I’ve seen this expressed over and over on social media. People who have grown up enjoying these performers most keenly feel this loss. These beloved stars have become part of the societal psyche. We “baby […]

  • Frankie Envisaged That We Would Meet Again

    Before I continue with the final part of my story about my first meeting with Frankie Laine in 1985, I would like to note the late great Frankie Laine’s 103rd birthday on March 30. It doesn’t seem possible that it has been just over nine years since I received the news during a sad phone […]

  • Frankie Expressed Every Emotion

    Before I continue with part six of my story about my first meeting with Frankie Laine, I would like to remark about the emotional Laine. A Remarkable Singer’s Human Traits I am a collector of Frankie Laine’s career works. My Laine Library includes not only memorabilia and audio, but video (including, of course, film) performances […]

  • Frankie Sings ‘Silent Night’

    Before I continue with part five of my story about my first meeting with Frankie Laine, I would like to convey a couple of my thoughts about Frankie. Those Knit Ties Shortly after becoming famous in the late 1940s, Frankie Laine undoubtedly was attempting to start a fashion trend by wearing knit neckties exclusively. In […]

  • Benny Hollman

    Team Frankie Laine’s partner Benny Hollman passed away on December 12th, 2015 with his loving family around him at his home in Mira Mesa. He is survived by his wife Dorothy, his son’s Marc, Eric, daughter Debra, and his 6 Grandchildren.