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  • Assembling a Laine Collection (Summer Series: Part Four)

    (Continued from the July 2017 blog) Growing Collection I was building a great Frankie Laine collection. Thanks to my diligence and Helen Snow, I had acquired a cassette audio tape collection of most all of Frankie’s recordings. I even had built a sizable collection of old radio shows, with Frankie as guest, on cassette, and […]

  • Assembling a Laine Collection (Summer Series: Part Three)

    (Continued from the June 2017 blog) “Helen and Bert” (Dedicated to the memory of Helen Snow and Bert Boorman) During my first visit with Frankie at his home in November 1985, I was allowed to look through a large stack of 45 r.p.m. Frankie Laine records in Frankie’s music room. Carefully, I lifted up a […]

  • Assembling a Laine Collection (Summer Series: Part Two)

    (Continued from the May 2017 blog) The “Platters” Of course, platters are the coveted 78 r.p.m. records most music collectors of the musical generation concerning the pre-1960s couldn’t do without. I had no luck locating anymore Laine albums in traditional record stores in the early 1970s. Therefore, I was content to play the few Laine […]

  • Assembling a Laine Collection (Summer Series: Part One)

    The Records There are many Frankie Laine collectors in the world. This trendsetting, unique, wonderful singer has musically enhanced the lives of millions of people.  As a result, many people love collecting Frankie Laine’s records. Most people, who collect Laine recordings these days, have relied on accumulating Frankie’s songs on CDs. Of course, before digital […]

  • My Frankie Laine Radio Program

    I have a degree in broadcasting and journalism. In 1998, I decided to put my skills to the test and produce a radio program featuring Frankie Laine and his music. At that time, I was about a year into my career in state government at the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines. The following story […]

  • A Study in Diversity

    Happy Birthday, Frankie! As far as all of us friends and fans of the late great Frankie Laine are concerned, March has become synonymous with the Laine birthday (March 30). Many of us can joyfully recall with a smile the great “Birthday Bash” events held in San Diego in honor of Frankie’s birthday. Of course, […]

  • A Laine Chronicle

    Emotion When someone learns about my Frankie Laine association, I am always asked why I am interested in this singer from my parents’ generation. I was a professional drummer for 16 years. I made my living (or tried to) by playing music. I learned very quickly that music is an emotional art. It can make […]

  • Admiration for Frankie

    We are all saddened by the unusually high number of celebrity deaths occurring in 2016. As I now ponder these, I am reminded that next month marks the 10th anniversary of Frankie Laine’s death. I want to share some letters I received from Frankie Laine admirers in 1995, after I had published my first major […]

  • Magic and Love

    Memories Christmastime always brings about special feelings about my friend Frankie Laine for this Iowa boy. After all, it was late November (1985) when I first met Frankie in person in San Diego. Therefore, not only does the misty and cold Iowa drizzle, the wet smell of fallen leaves, and the frosty air, remind me […]

  • I Remember Frankie Laine’s 90th Birthday Bash

    It seems like only yesterday that Frankie Laine held his last big birthday bash in San Diego. I had been to his 80th and 85th. My wife, Marlene, and I booked a flight to San Diego to attend the celebration of Frankie’s 90th birthday on March 30, 2003, in the Grand Ballroom of the U. […]