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  • The Laine Intensity

    “I know that man is capable of great deeds. But if he isn’t capable of great emotion, well, he leaves me cold.” ― Albert Camus, philosopher, author, playwright Writing about Frankie Laine’s singing style, including his emotional conveyance of a song, is nothing new for me. This feeling and intensity that Frankie displayed in every […]

  • Laine by Numbers

    Laine by Numbers An Era of Gold People have varying tastes in musical entertainment. This is especially true these days. There are so many genres of music. During the years after the 19th century to the mid-20th century, there was classical, spiritual, inspirational, ragtime, jazz, swing, western swing, popular, country, doo-op, and rock and roll […]

  • Those Elusive Movies

    My dad always admired Frankie Laine’s singing. He told me that his favorite singers were Mario Lanza, Frankie Laine, Teresa Brewer, and Patti Page. I was always proud of the fact that my dad lived long enough to see me in photographs with Frankie Laine and Patti Page. And he knew all about my personal […]

  • A Warmness Amidst the Cold

    Brrrr, it’s been cold here in the Midwest! I live in Iowa, and we have been experiencing an Arctic cold snap since the end of December. Ironically, as far as this writing is concerned, the cold snap we have been experiencing was named “Frankie.” Winter storm Frankie was the sixth storm named by the Weather […]

  • A Laineful Yuletide

    When I think of Christmas, I think of love—God’s love when He bestowed a great gift upon the earth—His Son. I include the love of family, home, and livelihood. Christmas is a time for love. Music is the best way to express all this Christmas love. Christmas Music Someone once asked Frankie Laine why he […]

  • A Song of Love

    A Time Treasured This time of year brings back happy memories for me. It was November 20, 1985, when I first met Frankie Laine in person. I had taken a bus to San Diego and ended up spending seven hours with Frankie. It was magic. “Old Man Jazz” I guess it is especially grand for […]

  • A Mind’s Journey by Way of Song

    Scenario My dad was a farmer. We once lived in northeast Iowa on a homestead farm that my paternal grandparents owned. Dad used to have a small dairy herd of cows and milking took place two times each day—once in the early morning, and again in the afternoon. The cows were brought into a large […]

  • Assembling a Laine Collection (Summer Series: Part Five [Final of Series])

    (Continued from the August 2017 blog) A Collection Finished? I am always finding new ways to build my collection on a personal level. I have audio interviews I have done with Frankie Laine, as well as videos of us together. The first video I was in with Frankie came about rather in a serendipitous manner. […]

  • Assembling a Laine Collection (Summer Series: Part Four)

    (Continued from the July 2017 blog) Growing Collection I was building a great Frankie Laine collection. Thanks to my diligence and Helen Snow, I had acquired a cassette audio tape collection of most all of Frankie’s recordings. I even had built a sizable collection of old radio shows, with Frankie as guest, on cassette, and […]

  • Assembling a Laine Collection (Summer Series: Part Three)

    (Continued from the June 2017 blog) “Helen and Bert” (Dedicated to the memory of Helen Snow and Bert Boorman) During my first visit with Frankie at his home in November 1985, I was allowed to look through a large stack of 45 r.p.m. Frankie Laine records in Frankie’s music room. Carefully, I lifted up a […]