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  • Forever in Bronze, Forever in Memory

    In Bronze On Tuesday June 30, the bronze statue of Frankie Laine was officially dedicated in the Little Italy section of San Diego in front of Nonna—an Italian Restaurant owned by Frankie Laine’s friend Joe Busalacchi. Frankie was a longtime friend of the Busalacchi family and was known to frequent their restaurants in Little Italy […]

  • ‘Westward Ho!’

    Enjoyment with a message The old tales of the Wild West are fun to relive in books, movies, and on television. My wife, Marlene, and I love watching these old Western show reruns on television. The stories often contain a theme dedicated to providing a moral message. This is important and makes the shows entertaining […]

  • Moments in Time Represented

    Hair I stumbled upon an auction on eBay the other day. For several thousand dollars, one could bid, or buy at a set price, a strand of hair from John, Paul, George, and Ringo of the Beatles! I thought that was pretty weird! Why would someone want such a memento? I have always admired the […]

  • Recalling the Magic in Red

    Reminiscing I was a professional musician (drummer) during the 1970s and 1980s. I carved out a living playing music with several different bands during that time. Sometimes along the way, bookings would stop, band changes would leave periods of time without employment, clubs would change formats, or a variety of other issues would lead to […]

  • The ‘Other Red’ Label

    Note: I am referring to only 10-inch 78 r.p.m. record discs in this writing. Beginning with his big hit song “Jezebel,” in 1951, Frankie Laine has had a prolific library of single 78s on the Columbia Records label. Of course, each of these records all display the stylistic and unmistakable red label. I have even […]

  • A New Friend Recalls a Laine Friendship (Continued)

    Cinematic Treasures With the recent death of screen legend Kirk Douglas, I immediately though about the two movies in which the veteran actor starred that included title theme vocals by Frankie Laine. The movies Man Without a Star (1955) and Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957) are not only great movies, but they are classics […]

  • A New Friend Recalls a Laine Friendship (Part One)

    Out of the Blue Since I began my Frankie Laine associations in the mid-1980s, I have been amazed by the times that situations have arisen that are joyously serendipitous. Frankie’s fame has always been astounding. For me, knowing Frankie Laine on a personal level has been nothing short of magical. From time-to-time, this enchantment seems […]

  • Laine Collection Pondering

    Blessings I always find myself reflecting upon my life at this time of the festive year. Perhaps it is the joy of the season that causes me to go into observation over dive. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful life. The key to a great life is to always keep love in […]

  • Frankie Laine: A Diversity of Voice

    Best of the Best I love Frank Sinatra. His voice could be mellow and sad, jam-packed with feeling and emotional, spot-on delivery, or upbeat and swinging. Listening to his recordings is tantamount to hearing the epitome of musical class. What can I say about Nat Cole? He was such a wonderful talent taken from us […]

  • ‘Grand Old Gentleman’

    Four Years This writing represents an anniversary. I have been writing about Frankie Laine each month, publishing on this site for four years. I have enjoyed detailing my various treasured Laine memories. I have covered lots of different areas—from Frankie’s music, his entire career, special moments and conversations I’ve had with him, people I have […]